Northern Skills Development Centre (NSDC)


is a registered company that relies on the proven skills of its founders to take advantage of the growing need for skill trainings. With its trustworthiness and reliability, the company is responsible in providing personalized services to students. The Directors, who brings over a decade of multiple industry expertise to the business, will lead the company as it establishes itself as a high quality training provider in Malaysia. It strives to give quality service to satisfy every students and parents.


The company is registered under “Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran” (under the Human Resource Ministry) for skill trainings in the field of Automation, Mechatronic and Industrial Electronics. The programmes are aimed for both school leavers and working adults. More skill trainings are being developed to allow students to have preference in accordance to their interest; among those trainings are Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business & Human Capital Management, Manufacturing Management and Hospitality Operations. NSDC add value in the services to students by providing information for further education, education planning for individual students and student counselling, etc.With our high-effective and creative professional teams and strong relationship and resourceful channels, we provide a wide range of linkages to our customers throughout Malaysia and all over the Asia contingence eventually.The company is focused on continued increases in the value and quality of services it provides, and expansion and differentiation of the portfolio of products and services in response to the changing needs of industry and students.



Thus, our strength lies in logistics and supply chain contacts, network and experience in running these programmes. We also have a pool of very experienced and qualified lecturers who can write and lecture the courses.We have gained trust and confidence of workshop participants and students in delivering the courses in a very effective manner. In other words, we have proven track records.


With our pool of Industrial and experienced Trainers, we provide customized training in the field of Human Resources, Safety & Control, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Administration & Management and Technical Skills.



Every student’s practical knowledge and future is the direction of our service. The skill development and success of the students are our service core value.


Focused experience: Committed exclusively to Human Capital Transformation for more than a decade.Unique approach: Offering quality courses in skills training that provide value-long after the classes end.